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New Mexico Game Commission votes to end recreational cougar trapping

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (November 22, 2019)—Yesterday, the New Mexico State Game Commission voted unanimously to approve a new regulation that ends recreational cougar trapping in the state beginning in 2020. The decision follows a lawsuit waged by Animal Protection of New Mexico and the Humane Society of the United States, which argued that indiscriminate traps…

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The Wisdom of Wolves

This book is a pleasant walk through the author’s thoughts on the behavior of wolves. She has over 25 years of experience watching wolves in Yellowstone National Park and elsewhere. Much like Rick McIntyre’s book, we are brought to further appreciate the wolf, how much it is like us and how we could be better…

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The Rise of Wolf 8

I recently had the good fortune to listen to Rick McIntyre speak on his book. He was at Sundance Resort to tell the audience about the wolves in his book and to sign copies for each of us. So many folks attended that the event had to be moved to a bigger building at the…

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