Wolf Delisting

Crumbo forwarded this.  Looks like the gray wolf (excepting the Mexican gray wolf) will be taken off the Endangered Species list soon – possibly before the end of the month.  Theoretically, the decision could be to not delist, but despite the ovrwhelming comment from the public and scientists in support of continued listing, we know this administration is anxious to delist the gray wolf.  No doubt it will be challenged in court.  And, if Trump is voted out of office, it might be reversed by the Biden administration.  Nevertheless, this is not a good thing.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Lia Cheek <lcheek@endangered.org>

Subject: [ESC Wolves] Wolf de-listing rule at OMB for review

Date: September 16, 2020 at 11:08:20 AM MDT

To: esc-wolves@endangered.org

Hi folks,  

A heads up that the wolf delisting rule is currently at OMB for review, the final decision could drop as soon as this week or next.  

If folks have capacity to get our op-eds and media in response to the rule, now is a good time to start prepping that content.  

As Dianne from CBD spoke to on our last call, pressuring state agencies and Governors for strong wolf management policies will also be an important strategy. 

https://www.reginfo.gov/public/do/eoPackageMain (choose DOI on the “under review” drop down)

AGENCY: DOI-FWSRIN: 1018-BD60Status: Pending Review
TITLE:Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Removal of the Gray Wolf from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife

Good luck all,


Lia Cheek


National Director of Field Campaigns

Endangered Species Coalition