Jim Halfpenny – November 28, 2019

Using the Ancestry database Leo and A Naturalist’s World have created books and posters about some of your favorite wolves.

Books currently available include the 06F, 755 and 926.  Posters include 926, 970 and 1091.  Go to to order yours!

C H E C K     T H E M   O U T ! !

These unique, collectible, individually-made and limited publications were all created and written by Leo with inspiration from the Yellowstone Wolf Family Tree and funding made possible by Kickstarter supporters.  The Wolf Family Tree is a project of A Naturalist’s World and Jim Halfpenny.

Books and posters are available Track Education Center in Gardiner if you are in Yellowstone. Just send Jim a message at to set up a meeting.

In Time For Christmas.  These books and posters are individually made through Kickstarter’s partner MyCanvas and there is up to a three-week wait.  So order now.

There will be books and posters about other wolves in the days and weeks ahead.

Thanks again to the generous donors who made the Yellowstone Wolf Family Tree possible and to the photographers whose imagery enhances these books and posters, and to my partner and love Susi Higgins for supporting me in so many ways through the creation of these ancestral lines and stories!

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