Wolf Fact Sheets

Looking for some easy to digest information about wolves so you can be more educated about the effort to reintroduce wolves in Colorado? Colorado State University has put together a series of fact sheets that may fulfill your curiosity! The fact sheets can be found at: https://sites.warnercnr.colostate.edu/centerforhumancarnivorecoexistence/wp-content/uploads/sites/133/2020/09/Colorado-Wolves-Informational-Package-9.25.2020.pdf

Rocky Mountain Wolf Project needs a final boost!

Dear friends,
Your attention please!  With the perfect storm of climate-related disasters and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with all the political craziness besieging our nation, it’s easy to become discouraged about the prospects for a good future for ourselves and the planet.  But there are things we can do in this time of need that hold the promise of securing that good future.  I have always liked Patrick Geddes’ exhortation, “Think globally, act locally.”  Here is one thing you can do locally now: Donate a few bucks to the Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund!  It may seem too inconsequential to care about, but then that is true of perhaps most good things we can do.  Individually, many of our actions are inconsequential, like a single drop of rain, but many drops of rain produce a river capable of carving a canyon.  Utah is not Colorado, but it may as well be as far as wildlife is concerned.  The howl of the gray wolf is missing from this part of the western landscape, but with our help it will return.
Please read this message from Mike Phillips:

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund’s (www.wolfactionfund.com) campaign for wolf restoration Proposition 114 has secured endorsements from important sources, including the Denver Post editorial board and 72 conservation organizations representing over 16 million members and followers.

Progress notwithstanding, a big problem has arisen based on lies and obfuscation. 

As I write, wolf opponents are grossly misleading and confusing voters about the purported presence of wolves in northwestern Colorado and the ability of a small number of wandering animals to give rise to a viable population.  They will amplify confusion through an expensive purchase of TV time to move voters to oppose Prop 114 based on a deeply misleading claim:  Wolves are already in Colorado so there is no need to reintroduce them. 

The best science makes clear, however, that there is little chance for enough wolves to survive the inhospitable landscape of Wyoming to give rise to a viable population in Colorado.

Passage of Prop 114 seems to hinge on our ability to immediately raise $80,000 for advertising a simple fact:  without reintroductions, the vast highly suitable public wildlands of western Colorado will remain wolfless for as long as matters.

Yesterday, a conservation visionary offered a $40,000 challenge pledge to resolve this need.  Within the last few days we have raised $32,050 of matching contributions, leaving a $7,950 shortfall.

After seven years of hard and honest work it is beyond maddening that our effort to employ direct democracy to allow Coloradans to make an informed, rational decision about restoring the endangered gray wolf is being seriously threatened by lies, misleading statements, and obfuscation. 

We have one honorable and effective way to respond:  redouble efforts to tell the truth about wolves and restoration.

The great public wildlands of Colorado deserve that response. 

The wolves deserve that response. 

We can deliver that response if we raise $7,950 to fully match the $40,000 challenge contribution.

With only 21 days until the ballots are mailed, time is of the essence for erasing the shortfall.  Succeeding at that would place  reintroducing wolves to restore Colorado’s natural balance within reach.

Can you help? It is easy at https://www.wolfactionfund.com/donate.