Rick speaking to the room.

I had the good fortune to attend Rick’s presentation of his new book, The Rise of Wolf 8. Listening to Rick speak is a pleasure. His passion and love for the wolves he has gotten to know is evident. He speaks to their personalities and you take away the message that wolves are really not that different from us. They live in family units (packs), they fight for territory (land), and they care and protect one another. He’s able to teach us lessons not by simply throwing facts at the audience, but by telling engaging stories from the many hours of direct observation he has had of wolves. He mentioned at one point that he has over 12,000 pages of notes!

His book is about more than one wolf, but it centers on a wolf who one would call an underdog. This underdog, however, proved there was more to him than meets the eye. He becomes an alpha like no other that has ever been observed showing compassion for others, even his enemies. It’s a story with drama, facts, and personality. The book is the first in a trilogy so more to come! For those of you who were fans of the famous 06 wolf in Yellowstone, I asked him if he planned to write about here and indeed he does.

As I thought about the day, I was glad that Rick had spoken that day, not just because I enjoyed his talk and chatting with him, but because I believe the room had many folks who were not your typical wolf crowd. Many were there to be part of the author series that Sundance puts on. I am hopeful as more folks hear about wolves, they will realize they are worth protecting.

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