URGENT ACTION ALERT from Lobos of the Southwest!
Wolf protectors everywhere in the U.S.: call your elected officials - ask them to oppose all anti-wolf riders!
Congress Switch Board: 202-224-3121

Congress will vote soon on a budget to fund the government. The Republican majority is threatening to attach sneaky anti-wolf “riders” to the thousands-pages-long, must-pass budget.
Anti-wolf legislation that would strip endangered species act protections from all wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Wisconsin is a threat to wolves everywhere in the U.S and must be blocked. The attacks on Mexican gray wolves have not let up, and now Senator Flake wants to take them off the endangered Species list with his disastrous bill S. 2277.
Demand your elected officials oppose all riders that undermine the Endangered Species Act, all anti-wolf riders, and any legislation that harms the Mexican gray wolf in the Fiscal Year 2018 appropriations bill!
Congress Switch Board: 202-224-3121
Find your Senators & Representatives here
Since 2011, when wolves in Idaho and Montana lost their endangered-species protections through a similar, underhanded congressional rider, over three thousand have been killed with bullets (often after being trapped) and by strangulation snares.
Don’t let it happen again!


Utah Diné Bikéyah encourages public comments on BLM and USFS’s Monument Management Plans

Utah Diné Bikéyah, a 501 (c)3 Native American organization, respectfully encourages the American public to continue to recognize and support the original 1.3 million acre Bears Ears National Monument, which we hope will be restored through our litigation efforts. Meanwhile, the federal government is moving forward with management planning for the smaller units created by President Trump. Please submit comments to the Bureau of Land Management and National Forest Service, before April 11th, for the Indian Creek and Shash Jaa regions. Public comments will shape the future of these two smaller units and it is important to preserve the original intention of protecting this area and keep Native American uses and access at the forefront. If we fail to restore the original Bears Ears National Monument boundaries through litigation, the BLM’s Monument Management Planning process will create an Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision that will guide management of these two smaller units for the many years to come. Please visit http://utahdinebikeyah.org/public-comment-form/